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By Jim Hill

im Hill was born on a farm in the southwestern Michigan town of Decatur, Michigan.  There he gained valuable experience about mechanical things which led to his interest in mechanical engineering.

Jim began his education at Western Michigan University where he completed a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering as well as the Engineer in Training for the State of Michigan.  During his time at WMU he was able to take advantage of a work study program in which he was a machinist for the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the direction of Glenn Hall. Many alumni at WMU are familiar with Glenn who as of early 2017 was still managing the machine shop for the department of Engineering Technology in the new engineering campus along US131 in Kalamazoo. 

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Jim began is professional career as a design engineering in Body and Chassis Engineering at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.  During his career there he worked as both a program manager and a design engineer on a multitude of programs.  When an opportunity presented itself to be a senior engineer at a small automotive supplier he relocated to that position directing the design of plastic components. In this tier one automotive position he gained valuable insights into design and manufacturing. Then in 1998 he jumped into the dot com world by joining User Friendly Consulting, Inc. as general manager.  During his career at UFC,Inc. Jim eventually migrated to his current function as a digital marketing specialist by hiring a replacement to manage the daily operations of the business.