What is Digital Marketing?

A Multifaceted Science

Digital marketing is a multifaceted science, while also having characteristics of an art form. Although many marketers come from a digital graphics background and are fluent working on graphical designs in Photoshop or Illustrator, they are sometimes not well versed in the art and science of digital marketing. This includes skills such as creating and maintaining a Google AdWords account, establishing a Google Merchant Center product feed and Google Product Listing ad, or developing and monitoring an SEO strategy. 

As more companies realize the need for digital marketing experts it is my opinion that colleges and universities will develop programs for training students in this growing field. I expect, and hope, to find specific digital marketing programs listed in college catalogs. As of yet I am not aware of any programs specifically target this subject. Please write me to let me know of any programs of which you are aware.


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An Evolving Field

Although there are many basic, fundamental elements in any digital marketing program, the field is constantly evolving. For example, with HubSpot’s invention of inbound marketing many companies either have adopted such a system or are investigating it. We will be writing about these systems in the future as our company adopts their own inbound marketing system.

A Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing is a fantastic, growing business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into a growing business. This is due to a variety of reasons but mostly because pretty much everything is being marketing on the web. The Internet is the first place that most people look when they are trying to locate a product or service. When is the last time you opened up a physical copy of the yellow pages?

My niece is currently studying marketing at Grace College here in Winona Lake, Indiana. As she has progressed through the classes I have been talking to her about the whole field of digital marketing as a possible career path for her.   These discussions are one of the things that led me to creating this site. 

Our Current Topics


 Google AdWords

We have spent many years making mistakes learning Google AdWords the hard way.  Perhaps you can leave a thing or two or just leave a comment if you can relate to my experiences.


Google Optimize

Google provides a neat platform for running content experiments on almost any web page, including content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or even plain old static html pages.


Landing Page Design

Production Plus puts the world’s top manufacturing and operations gurus into action cutting your overhead.


All Other

Here we write about various topics including Joomla, inbound marketing, and my various hobbies.

About Jim Hill

Jim Hill, Digital Marketing Specialist for User Friendly Consulting, Inc. 


Jim Hill writes about digital marketing from the perspective of a Christian business owner. You can find out about his company by visiting https://www.ufcinc.com

Jim Hill was born on a farm in the southwestern Michigan town of Decatur, Michigan.  There he gained valuable experience about mechanical things which led to his interest in mechanical engineering.

Jim began his education at Western Michigan University where he completed a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering as well as the Engineer in Training for the State of Michigan. 


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